Community Education Program

The Community Education Program is the flagship program of Clean Energy Events. It includes three strategies to engage the community on topics related to renewable energy.

  • Use portable solar technology to power community events and create a conducive environment for learning about renewable energy

  • Engage event attendees with digital educational content

    • Preliminary Solar Assessment: provide solar feasibility assessment to property-owning attendees using Google-Earth, PV Watts and other online tools

    • Footprint Calculators: provide access to a suite of online footprint calculators for event attendees to measure their various footprints against average footprints

    • Interpretive Content: provide QR code-based content for information regarding the odoption of renewable energy technologies and sustainable practices.​


  • Student Applied Learning: provide opportunities for students to learn about renewable energy in a variety of applied applications

    • NABCEP Scholarship Program: provide scholarships for NABCEP certification exams to local college students

    • Internship Program: provide internship opportunities to university and community college students with or without academic credit

    • Experiential Learning Programs: provide opportunities for students to participate in real-world renewable energy projects

    • Classroom and Field-trip Activities: provide classroom and field-trip activities to K-12 teachers and institutions for renewable energy and sustainability education