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Community Partners


Our partners are an important part of Clean  Energy Events.

We exchange services with our community partners to provide educational experiences within the community.

Coyle Solar LLC designs, manufactures, and distributes solar powered electrical generators and water pumping and purification systems.  

Advance Youth Outreach provides a youth-focused community resource and organizes programs, events, and opportunities for youth and young adults in our community, from fun and engaging activities to vocational training courses.

The mission of Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. is to educate through field research, implement progressive outreach initiatives, and incubate solutions to address the global plastic pollution problem, working with and for the next generation to create a more sustainable future. 


Sokoto House is “A Market of Human Excellence”, a space of learning and teaching, coordination and collaboration where youth emerge as facilitators of justice and engineers of spiritual and economic prosperity.

Quality Life Blueprint operates as a community based institute of learning, collaboration, and capacity building, with a focus on responding to the needs of the most vulnerable populations in America. QLB has developed and utilizes a Community-Based, Public-Health Response to Violence as a primary strategy.


Ovanova gives organizations a new way to raise funds and gives homeowners a friendly way to explore solar. 

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